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Australian Centurions in Vietnam

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1/35 Scale - Sheets No.MHD602,MHD603

Reviews by Peter Brown

These two sheets provide markings for two phases of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps deployment in South Vietnam, ideal for anyone modelling a tank there using the Legends conversion set, Mouse House's own MA106 or an own-build project. Markings are printed onto a single backing sheet, unlike kit decals they will need to be individually cut out before use.

MAD602 gives markings for the 1968-1970 era, covering four gun tanks and one dozer equipped vehicle. It includes the small kangaroo with umbrella and chess piece as well as arm of service marks applied to all tanks plus serial numbers, vehicle names and tactical signs for the individual tanks. These vary from Latin inscriptions and a village name totwo tanks using the nickname "Buku Boom Boom" at different times. Extra numbers are provided to allow other tanks than the specific ones to be covered.

MAD603 is for 1971 period vehicles, giving markings for three separate vehicles including names and cartoon artwork.

There are enough markings on each sheet to fully cover either 3 or 4 tanks respectively as not every tank had a full set of markings all the time, the sheets will also be available in 1/25th scale shortly.

Basic instructions show where each item goes, and the sheet includes web addresses for pages on the Mouse House site which include extra information. Best reference may well be their own Military Briefs No 3 "Australian Centurions in Vietnam"

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Available direct from Mouse House UK purchasers can get them from Moredum Models email

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