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RB Model from Poland produce a range of model accessory/detail/update sets in various scales and also produce the turned metal components of armorscale barrel/update sets.

They have now released a range of their own brand metal replacement barrels which are available direct via the RB Model website and a growing number of other shops with the barrel sets marketed at a price considerable lower than other similar barrels.

This is just a brief introduction to the barrel range and over the coming weeks more detailed reviews of individual barrels will be posted as well as comparisons with similar barrels from other manufacturers.

Each barrel set comes in a small plain zip lock plastic bag with just a simple B&W label, there are no instructions or anything else other than the barrel parts. That is no problem with the small simpler barrels but with the more complex barrels with muti-part muzzle brakes it could be a bit of a mystery if you haven't assembled any similar barrels that come with instructions. But one could assume modellers buying these barrel would be familiar with the assembly or even have the instructions from other sets as the assembly is basically the same.

The other noticable thing with the barrel parts is the quality of the actual barrel/muzzle brake which is quite good but there is a little more cleanup required with some excess brass burs and residue about the place on some barrels, while others don't require much if any cleanup at all.

Also the etched brass parts are rather basic by today's standards and while adequate lack the finese of the etched parts in other barrel sets, so it's very much a case of you get what you pay for in terms of the packaging.

But if you are familiar with metal barrels and you just wanted some additional barrels that you have from other producers or you have a limited budget but still like metal barrels then these are very attractive given the low pricing.

Examples of the barrel packaging, simple B&W label on zip lock bag with no instructions
RB Model
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