Brach Model
Hotchkiss H35 Conversion Set

Brach Model Set No.BM-041
Review by Terry Ashley

Italian company Brach Model has released this simple update set for the Bronco Models H39 (kit #CB-35001) to convert it back to the earlier H35 variant.

The set consists of nine parts in light gray resin with just the usual casting blocks to be removed which is very quick and straightforward. Quality of the casting is excellent with the only blemish being a rather large air hole uncovered on the underside of the exhaust after cleanup, but this should be easy enough to fill.

Set parts
Brach Model

Included in the set is the complete H35 style rear hull section with a separate exhaust pipe, alternate style idlers wheels with the five lightening holes and the rear road wheel mount plus for the turret a compete gun with the early shorter barrel and the three early style vision ports.

The only surgery required on the Bronco kit is to cut off the rear hull section along the engraved hull panel line and fit the new hull section. I unfortunately don't have a spare kit to test the fit as my kit has been put together but the width of the resin part matched that of the Bronco kit perfectly as does the length so there shouldn't be any problems with all other parts simply replacing the kit parts without further alterations.

Brach Model

It should be noted that this set will NOT fit the Trumpeter H39 kits as the width of the Trumpeter hull is wider than on the Bronco hull with the Bronco hull width matching the 1:35 plans in the Ground Power French Military Vehicles of WWII book exactly.

Parts after cleanup
Brach Model

A is a simple conversion set for the nice Bronco kit to make the earlier H35 with well cast and detailed parts with very little work needed to add the parts.

Highly recommended


French Military Vehicles of WWII

Ground Power Special December 2003

Published by GALILEO Publishing Co.,Ltd. 2-2-13 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Soft cover 144 pages

Thanks to my Credit Card and the guys at Rainbow Ten for the review set.

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