German Tiger I Late Version

Cavalier 1:35 set #0130
Review by Terry Ashley

With the recent release by both AFV Club and Dragon of late production Tiger I kits the one issue that came up with both kits was the lack of zimmerit, which as we know has to be there for an accurate Late Tiger I.

One alternative is to add the Zimmerit yourself using whatever method you prefer, but another is this Zimmerit set from Cavalier Model Designs designed for the AFV Club Tiger I Late Version (Kit #AF 35079) which consists of ten segments of very thin resin Zimmerit and another four additional resin detail parts.

The resin Zimmerit is cast very thin with additional thin film holding the sections together on the sheet and you simply cut the sections out with a sharp blade prior to use.
The resin has a sort of “rubbery” feel and is not at all brittle which helps hold the sections together while being handled and applied making the job quite easy.
The sections for the turret sides, driver's plate and rear hull plate have small circular cut-outs that need to be removed and it is best to cut these out while the Zimmerit sections are still attached the backing film for ease of handling.

The resin pattern is well done and also incudes a few damaged areas and of course it is very easy to cut away more parts to personalise your Zimmerit by adding your own damage.

The problem of fitting the Zimmerit around the raised detail on the kit is solved by the raised details such as hull side skirt attachment points, vision ports on the turret sides and details on the rear plate being included on the Zimmerit sections. This requires you to completely cut off all the raised details on the kit which is quite an easy job.

The Zimmerit sections fit well to the kit hull and turret outlines and it is best to use a slow curing epoxy or similar glue that will give some movement to get the sections lined up properly before the glues dries.

The rear turret escape hatch is included in resin with Zimmerit already applied and this simply replaces the kit hatch. The gun mantlet is also replaced with a resin part with Zimmerit as well as a resin barrel to which is added the AFV Club muzzle brake.

The resin casting on the mantlet and barrel collar is very well done but there are a few minor blemishes such as small imperfections of the upper collar surface which can easily be sanded smooth. There are also a few air holes just below the surface on the underside of the collar but if you don't disturb these they will disappear when painted.
The barrel is cast perfectly straight with crisp details and the kit muzzle brake fits very snugly as does the barrel into the collar.

You are also provided with a small resin tool with serrated edges that can be used to touch up the Zimmerit pattern if required and you could also use this on other kits with similar pattern Zimmerit.

I cut out and test fitted a couple of the Zimmerit sections where they had to line up with details on the kit parts such as the barrel trunnions and escape hatch on the right turret side and with exhaust and fender cut-outs on the rear plate and both fitted like the proverbial glove. Any locating holes for the kit parts such as on the rear hull can be re-drilled when the glue used is completely dry.

To use the AFV Club kit metal barrel with the Cavalier mantlet will require the metal barrel to be cut off the same length back from the middle barrel step as on the resin barrel to fit the resin collar which is solid apart from the first 10mm hollowed for the resin barrel. Alternatively you can completely drill out the resin collar and then fit the barrel as per the AFV Club instructions. Whichever method you prefer will work just as well but drilling the resin collar may be easier as the barrel is very hard metal and will probably require a power tool to cut evenly.

A nicely detailed and easy to use Zimmerit set that fits perfectly to the AFV Club parts once the moulded on kit detail is removed and the texture of the resin makes for easy handling.

Highly recommended

Resin Zimmerit sections on thin backing film
Cavalier Model Productions
Additional resin parts and detail view of mantlet
Cavalier Model ProductionsCavalier Model Productions
Cavalier barrel fitted with AFV Club muzzle brake
Cavalier Model Productions
Review set courtesy of my over worked Credit Card and the guys at Hobby Easy.

Page Created September 13, 2005

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