Tank Model
German Panzergrenadieren SS Kharkov,
Winter 1493

1/35th Figure Set No. T-35025

Tank ModelA two figure set wearing the reversible winter camouflage suit and trousers and both wearing the steel helmet with one armed with a Kar-98K rifle and the other firing an MG-34.

The figures have the body cast in one piece with separate arms, heads, helmets and personal equipment with both weapons having the figures right hand included in the gun casting to ensure positive location plus a selection of personal equipment.

The detail on the uniforms is again excellent with well defined details, fabric folds and creases with good animation; the texture on the wool lining of the hood is especially well done and will come up very well with careful painting.

Both figures have the breadbag included in the body casting with a selection of separate gas mask canister, water bottle, meal tin and trenching tool as well as Walther 38 holster with the machine gunner. The MG-34 is very well done with nice details with separate magazine and short length of the ammo belt and a choice of folded or extended tripods with the sit of the gun in conjunction with the arms is very precise with a good fit of the parts.

One modification made which doesn’t reflect on the figures is to add a small pin to the hand and a corresponding hole drilled in the arm to allow precise location of the hand when holding a weapon. This makes for easier fitting and allows you to leave the weapon separate until after painting.

The figures can be posed on the back of an AFV or in any other setting and can also be used in conjunction with other figure sets in the same series.

Highly Recommended.

Tank ModelTank ModelTank Model
Tank Model
Tank Model Tank Model
Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

Page created 25 July 2004

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