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Tank Models are a Russian company that produces resin 1/35th figures and accessories for the modeller and diorama builder.
Predominant among the figures are German and Russian infantry and tank crews with several sets such as the six Soviet motor rifle troop sets and the German Infantry Kharkov able to be used together in larger dioramas.

General comments:
The parts are cast in a grey resin cast to a high quality with quite large casting blocks on the parts that will best be tackled with a razor saw (with the usual precautions requiring the resin dust) and there is also some minor this resin film some to be removed from the finer parts which should be easy to deal with.

The detail on the figures is excellent with uniform details incorporating realistic folds and creases with fabric seams while the anatomical features take into account the appropriate body posturing for the different poses again adding the realism and are cast to a realistic 1/35th scale.

The figures are broken down according the pose and amount of animation in the figure, for instance most figures are cast with the legs/body in one piece with separate arms and heads while others are in separate upper and lower body parts as required to achieve the best result.

Fit of the parts was on the whole very good but there was some minor filling required where the two arms had to form a particular pose holding a weapon etc., but this could partly be due to the casting block on most arms is on the end join and if you remove a bit more resin than required the angle of the arm/body join could be altered slightly but the pour location does mean the detail is not compromised with the pour point on the elbow for example, but this is usually easy to remedy.

The weapons are well detailed and only require the slings to be added to finish off the detail and there is some thin resin film to be removed from some of the castings, a small price for the good detail. On some of the figures the hand is cast as part of the weapon for good definition while others have the weapons separate allowing some variation.

The head sets have excellent details on the facial features with a good selection of headgear which also incorporate good details that will allow some variation on the Tank figures or any other figures.

Below are reviews of a selection of the sets available to give an overall impression of the figure and accessory sets. Click on the link for the appropriate review.

All items are in 1/35th scale unless otherwise noted.

See Tank Accessory Set Reviews.
See the Tank Model Website for full details of the Figure and Accessory sets available.
Tank Model Figure and Accessory sets are available in the U.S. from Model Point US.
Model Point US is a distributor for the TANK product line exclusive in USA and Canada.

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