Adlers Nest
Panzerfaust 60/100
Adlers Nest 1:35 Set #ANM-35002
Review by Terry Ashley

This set from Adlers Nest has three Panzerfaust 60/100s in turned brass, the Panzerfaust 60 and 100 were identical externally but the 100 had additional propellant for an increase range of theoretically 100 meters compared to the 60 meter range of the Panzerfaust 60. Both these variants were the most widely used of the Panzerfaust family during WWII and led to the development of the infamous post war Soviet RPG.

Brass panzerfausts
Adlers Nest

There are three Panzerfausts included in the set which are cleanly machined with the correct length warhead and tube but unfortunately don't include the sight/firing mechanism located just behind the warhead and you will have to add this yourself.

For this example I removed the sight/firing mechanism from a Panzerfaust 60 found in various Dragon figure sets and added this to the Alders Nest Panzerfaust without any real difficulty to improve the look of the brass weapon.

Alders Nest Panzerfaust fitted with mechanism from Dragon item
Adlers Nest
Adlers Nest

A nicely turned Panzerfaust 60/100 with very good warhead shape but the lack of sight/firing mechanism which you have to source elsewhere is a bit of a let down but otherwise is a nice set and getting three in the set makes up a bit for the extra work you have to put in.


Thanks again to me Credit Card for the review set.
Adlers Nest sets are available from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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