Adlers Nest
MG13K Barrels
Adlers Nest 1:35 Sets #ANM-35019, #ANM-35019B and #ANM-35020
Review by Terry Ashley

The MG13 was introduced in 1930 and was the mainstay of the Wehrmacht from 1931 to 1934 continuing in use throughout WW2 leading directly to the improved MG34 which incorporated a number MG13 features.

The latest brass barrels from Adlers Nest are these three sets of the 7.92mm MG13K which is the shortened barrel type used on most wartime Panzer Is.

The three sets are set #ANM-35019 with one standard MG13K barrel, set #ANM-35019B with one standard MG13K barrel in a “Blue Steel” finish and set #ANM-35020 which has one MG13K barrel with flash suppressor includes as used in other applications and as they are very similar I will look at all three together.

Each set has just one barrel included with the inner fine barrel and outer perforated cooling jacket with the parts being extremely finely machined but still with the muzzle drilled out and the cooling jacket holes cleanly rendered for a very good appearance.

barrel parts and assembled barrel for standard and flash supressor barrels
Adlers NestAdlers Nest
Blus Steel barrel finish on set ANM-35019B
Adlers Nest

Fitting the two parts together is very simple by just slipping the barrel into the cooling jack, the barrel also has a small ridge part way down to ensure it sits evenly inside the cooling jacket and also extends slightly out the back of the cooling jacket for easy fitted when needed.

In 1:35 scale the MG13K exposed length on the Panzer I should be 11mm for the left gun and 8.6mm for the right gun.

To fit the barrels to the Dragon Panzer I kits (test fitted to kit #6289) you will have to fully drill out the barrel locating holes in the mantlet (part C14) and just slip the barrel jacket through until the required length is exposed. You don’t have to worry about the extra barrel that extends out the back of the mantlet as there is no interior to be included. Note; you will need to glue the mantlet in place inside the outer frame (part C19) as the fit of the mantlet is quite loose and the weight of barrels will not allow this to sit evenly if left unglued.

Note: the barrel with flash suppressor is used here for demonstration only
as I only had one set of each barrel available for the reviews.

Adlers Nest

With the Tristar kit (test fitted to kit #35028) the barrel holes are already fully open in the mantlet (part B-11) but as part of the barrel extends out the back you will have to drill holes in the front of the inner machine guns (parts J-27, J-28) to accommodate this and care will be needed here. You could cut off the rear barrel sections but this would be very difficult on such small barrels without damaging the parts and a mini power cutter would be needed to do the job. The fit of the mantlet was tighter here and the barrels should sit at the desired angle okay but if not just the glue the mantlet in place.

Standard brass and "Blue Steel" finish barrels fitted here
to demonstrate the differences in appearance.

Adlers Nest
Barrels extending inside the mantlet requiring holes to be drilled
in the inner machine gun parts to accommodate.

Adlers Nest

The ‘blue steel’ finish of the barrel looks very convincing and would only require light dry brushing to bring out the detail and obviously you will need to paint the brass barrels as usual. As the ‘blue steel’ version only costs an extra 200 yen over the price of the standard brass barrel this could be a viable option if you are buying the barrels in the first place as they are not the cheapest about.

These are extremely fine but nicely detailed MG13Ks with the definition of the cooling jacket holes and muzzle far better than could be done in plastic but note you will have to buy two sets to make one Panzer I kit. At 1300 yen each makes for an expensive update and as you need the two barrels in most instances offering two in one set at a reduced price would have been a nice gesture.

Highly recommended to add that extra detail to the kits.

Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service fromRainbow Tenfor the review kit.

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