Adlers Nest
WWII Russian DT Machine Gun Barrels
Adlers Nest Set No. ANM35026/ANM35026B
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

Adlers Nest continue to release fine metal barrels and this latest set is for the Russian DT 7.62mm Machine Gun which was the standard secondary armament for the T-34 series as well as other vehicles with there being two sets as is now standard from Adlers Nest.

The first set has 5 barrels in the standard brass finish (set #ANM35026) and the second with 4 barrels in Blue Steel anodised finish (set #ANM35026B) but other than that the finish of the barrels is the same in both sets, also the Blue Steel finish set is slightly more expensive than the standard set.

Brass barrel parts
Adlers Nest

Each barrel is just the final section of the barrel and has the muzzle drilled out as well as the small rim around the muzzle and the two small notches either side of the barrel just behind the lip for nice representations of the DT barrel.

There is no cleanup required before fitting to your model but depending on which T-34 kit you use these on there are different degrees of assembly required.

Adding the barrel to the older Tamiya kits you simply cut off the plastic barrel from the armoured cover, drill a small hole and insert the barrel for a quick and easy update.

When adding the barrel to the various Dragon T-34 kits some additional work is needed as some kits supply the full DT machine gun and the early 1940 model does not have the armoured cover over the exposed MG.

For the early 1940 model you cut off the section of the plastic barrel corresponding to the metal barrel and carefully glue using thicker cyanoacrylate the replacement metal barrel and then assemble the MG as per the kit instructions.

On the later T-34-85 kits where you get the full DT MG you again cut the plastic barrel and fit the metal barrel and again assemble the MG as per the kit instructions.

It’s best to use the full MG as the hole in the armoured cover is wider than the metal barrel and to fit the barrel only would see you filling the hole and re-drilling for the narrower metal barrel. Either way will work depending on your preference?

Modifications to the Dragon kit machine guns as per the text.
Adlers Nest
Images showing the barrels fitted to the respective kits
Adlers Nest

Another simple barrel set from Adlers Nest with excellent details on the barrel that will improve whichever kit you use them on and getting the 5/4 barrels in the two sets allows you to use them on multiple kits.

The amount of work needed to fit the barrels will depend on the target kit but this set will be welcomed by Russian armour fans.

Highly recommended 8/10
Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service fromRainbow Tenfor the review kit.

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