Civilian Truck Sagged Wheel Set
Def.Model 1:35 Scale Set # DW35101
Review by Terry Ashley


The Set:
This set of resin replacement wheels provides you with a pair of duel rear wheels, the two front wheels and one spare and is designed for the new Diopark kits #DP35016 Field-modified Civilian Truck w/122mm Rocket Launcher and #DP35020 Field-modified Civilian Truck w/UB-32 Rocket Launchers, with the seven individual wheels cast in a light grey resin as well as a set of masks for painting wheels, no instructions are included as you don't really need any with the wheels being a straight replacement for the kit wheels.

The set contents, resin wheels and painting masks pre-cut.

The standard of resin casting is excellent with very well-defined tread pattern and excellent crisp details on the wheel hubs, along with the sidewall embossed detail and clean crisp tread pattern around the wheels that also include the lower ground contact bulged effect. The only clean-up needed is to remove the small casting block and also the lightening holes in each rim are filled with fine resin film and you will need to carefully remove this with the point of a sharp #11 blade.

Images showing the three different style of wheel included in the kit as marked on the pour plug.
And the wheels after removing the plug and cleaning out the fine resin film from the rim holes


While the casting and detail present is nicely done unfortunately there are some accuracy issues in relation to the actual wheels used on the Mitsubishi Canter Truck depicted in the Diopark kits. Firstly, the rim lightening holes in the actual rims are oval in shape not the triangular shape depicted in the resin rims, note the holes in the kit rims are undersized but are the correct oval shape, just need to be enlarged.
The rear wheel rim dish on the resin wheels is far too shallow and the kit rims have the correct depth but again the oval lightening holes are too small and the rim bolts undersized. This means the resin wheels don't represent the style of wheel rims found on the series of Canter Truck in the Diopark kits very well at all and it's not really possible to correct the shape of the rim cut-outs or correct the depth on the rear wheel rims without a lot of work and basically rebuilding the rims.

Assembled resin wheels, the duel rear wheel rims fit snugly together with pins and corresponding locating holes.
As mentioned the rear duel rims are too shallow and the rim holes the incorrect shape for the kit Canter truck wheels.

The Diopark kit wheels, the rim holes are the correct oval shape but about half the size they should be.
Also not the depth of the duel rear wheel rim which matches the available images.

The set spare wheel
The rear of the resin wheels with the locating lug that fits directly to the kit axle stubs.

I have included a number of images of the actual Canter Truck wheels to show the main issues with the resin wheels details but if you still prefer the resin wheels they are designed to fit to the kit axle stubs without requiring any modifications.

Reference image of the typical Canter Truck wheels applicable to the Diopark kits.
They show the oval shape of the rim holes and depth of the duel wheel rims

Image showing the rear wheels of the Canter series trucks showing the deep rim profile and the oval shaped holes.
The rim on the left appears slightly different in detail and not as deep the majority of other images show but the holes are again clearly oval in shape.

Only known reference image of the Canter Dump Truck rocket conversion as depicted in the Diopark kit DP35016.
The image doesn't show the front wheels but clearly shows the depth of the duel rear wheel rims.


This is cleanly cast set of replacement wheels targeted for the Diopark kits with minimal clean-up and a nice standard of casting but as mentioned the details on the rims are not that as found on actual Canter Trucks the kits represent.

So, you have a nicely done set of resin wheels that you could use on any number of modern trucks but just not the Canter Trucks in the Diopark kits if you want accurately represented wheels but as always to use or not to use is entirely up to the individual modeller.

Rating 7/10

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