Master Club
T-34-76 1942 Track
Master Club 1:35 Scale Set # MC135022W
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This set of resin individual tracks links from Russian company MasterClub represents a variation of the T-34 550mm track links produced from the STZ Factory in late 1941-1942 and are fully workable after assembly.

There are 160 track links and 320 small track pins in the set with the links cleanly cast in light grey resin and the only clean-up required is the remnants of the casting blocks on one end of each link requiring light sanding to remove.

Resin track links and pins
Master Club

Detail on the links is very crisp and cleanly cast with very fine casting numbers included on the inside of each link with nicely contoured guide teeth on each alternate link.

Close-up of Resin track links and pins
Master Club


Assembly is a little different from the usual click together resin links in that the links are joined together with small pins that include the round pin head but you have to drill out all the pin locating holes in the links (four on each link) as they are not fully opened out and this does take a little time to prepare the track links for final assembly.

After drilling out the location holes and filing the small casting scars assembly goes ahead fairly quickly as the track links fit very neatly together and the pins fit easily in place. Just make sure you don’t force the pins into the link holes as they will break easily but lining up the holes in each link is quite easy and this shouldn’t be a problem with a little care taken.

Assembly sequence of fitting pins in place and image of the inside face
showing fine casting numbers and track pin heads

Master ClubMaster Club

The pins are designed to fit in place without the need for gluing but I added a small dab of cyanoacrylate on the end of each pin to make sure they wouldn’t be going anywhere.

After assembly the track runs articulate nicely and the pins result in very robust track runs that will not come apart and they fit available T-34 kit drive sprockets without problems, I used one of the recent Dragon T-34 kits for test fitting and they look very good once in place.

Assembled track links around Dragon T-34 sprockets
Master Club

The detail on these links is very good and while there is a bit of preparation required with drilling out the locating holes the fit of the links is very good and fitting the small pins in place is quite easy once you get into a rhythm.

The style of track links differs from those most often included in the kits and some other aftermarket sets to provide nice variation as well as being very detailed and look very good on the kit.

Highly recommended 8/10

Page created May 7, 2007

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