Master Club
PT-76 Track and Drive Sprockets
Master Club 1:35 Scale Set # MC135047CL
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
With the recent Trumpeter kits of the PT-76 Amphibious Tank (kit #00379, 00381) we’ll have a look here at a set of individual track links and resin drive sprockets from MasterClub of Russia that will add further detail to the kits.

It should be noted that this set is not designed for the Trumpeter kits but were released earlier for the Eastern Express kits and therefore a little additional work is needed to fit to the Trumpeter kit but nothing that will tax the average modeller.

The set consists of 210 individual track links and four drive sprocket halves with very little cleanup required on the track other than a little residue left on one end where they have been snapped from their casting blocks. For the drive sprockets some of the drive teeth need minor sanding after removing the casting block and some very fine resin film removed from the lightening holes, but that is all that is needed.

Resin track links and drive sprockets halves
Master Club

The drive sprockets have finer detail and better sized lightening holes than the Trumpeter kit sprockets but the centre of the hubs are a little too deep with photos showing a small disc in the middle of the hub and you can add this from thin card stock to better match the photos if you wish.

MasterClub sprockets front and back
Master Club

Assembling the sprockets is straightforward as the two halves just butt join together and you have to ensure the teeth line up as the glue (cyanoacrylate) dries which is easy enough to do.

Fitting the sprockets to the Trumpeter kit will require a small axle stub to be added on the inner disc to match the Trumpeter part and I added this from a section of plastic tube without any problems using the kit sprocket stub as a guide for the correct depth. The resin sprocket then fits neatly to the Trumpeter hull without any further alterations required ready for the resin track links.

Axle stub fitted to the MasterClub sprocket to fit the Trumpeter kit.
Trumpeter sprocket (left) for reference.

Master Club

The track links in the set are ‘click’ together type, hence the CL with the part number and they are also available as the pin type where you use a length of wire pin to join the links together depending on you preference, the set is numbered MC135047W.

Assembly of the click together tracks is the same as with any track of this type such as those from Lionmarc and WWII Productions with each link having one large and one small pin that click into corresponding holes in the next link.

Track link showing the large and small pins
Master Club

You simply fit one link over the larger pin and using a pair stout tweezers ‘lift’ and ‘flex’ the other end of the link out and over the smaller pin. This may sound daunting but only a small flex of the link is required to lift it over the pin, but don’t try and just clip it into place as the small pin will simply snap off as it is very small and fragile. But using the lift and flex method I didn’t have any attrition in the 20 or so links if fitted together for this review.

The assembled track run fits perfectly around the resin sprockets as you would imagine and articulate freely to form the slight track sag on the PT-76 track.

It should be noted there are two track designs used on the PT-76, the style in this set and another type with more pronounced detail on the link face but I am not sure if these are early or late type tracks or just two alternate designs as I have seen photos of different model PT-76s with either style track fitted.

Assembled track links and resin drive sprockets on the Trumpeter PT-76 kit, note
the road wheels from MasterClub set #MC235008

Master Club

MasterClub also have a set of resin road wheels for the PT-76 (set #MC235008) with each wheel cast as a single part with just the casting block residue to remove from the rubber section face. The wheels have excellent rim detail and capture the ‘bulge’ very well as well as including the two small grease nipples but there are fine ribs on the rubber sections which I’ve not seen in photos that are easy to remove.

Fitting to the Trumpeter kit requires you to drill out the inner locating hole with a 2.2mm drill to fit the Trumpeter axle stub but that is all the work needed to fit to the Trumpeter kit with the wheels adding additional detail over the kit wheels

Resin road wheels from MasterClub set #MC235008
Master Club

This is a nicely detailed set of individual working track that requires minimal cleanup and has straightforward assembly once you master the knack of fitting the links together. The drive sprockets also have minimal cleanup needed with very good details overall for good looking sprockets with the track and sprockets fitting together perfectly. The separate set of road wheels adds that bit extra to the running gear for a worthwhile addition.

While not designed for the Trumpeter kits the minor work needed on the sprockets to fit is well within the capabilities of the average modeller to add some nice details to the kits.

Highly recommended 7.5/10

Page created January 31, 2008

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