Wheel set for SS23 Spider 9K714
OKA Tactical Ballistic Missile

Miniarm Kit 1:35 Scale #B35115
Review by Terry Ashley

Hobby Boss
The Set:
This set of resin replacement wheels from Miniarm is designed for the Hobby Boss 1:35 kit #85505 Soviet SS23 Spider Tactical Ballistic Missile and consists of the thirty-two parts cast in a light grey resin.

These are the eight tyres plus separate tow part wheel rims and further separate tyre inflation fittings, the standard of casting is excellent with clean crisp details and just a small casting block on the tyres, it should be noted that the tyres don't have any "bulging effect" apart from the small flat spot when the plug is cut away. This shouldn't be a problem as many photos show these wheels with little or no "bulging" in any case but you can trim a little more from the wheels if you want them to sit a lower, this is up to the individual as always.

Resin tyres as they come in the set
Resin hubs prior to clean-up
Inner wheel hubs prior to clean-up, note two different types.

The only clean-up with the tyre is the small casting plug and you will also need to trim a little of the excess resin from inside the tyre casting, this is easily done with a sharp #11 blade taking care not to 'nick' the edge of the tyre casting opposite from where you are trimming, but only a small amount need trimming so this shouldn't be a problem?

The rim halves have sizable plugs included that need to be cut away and a good quality saw blade or power cutter is best, also when cutting it's best to rotate the hugs while making a shallow 'pilot' cut around the inner cut line, this will ensure the cut is even around the whole rim.

The tread pattern has clean crisp deep detail definition that extends around the shoulder onto the wheel side walls. There is also the sidewall data embossing for very well done tyres, the hubs also have excellent details and you should note the two different style of inner hub parts to coincide with the appropriate axle mounting in the kit.

When fitting the separate tyre inflation stem note that Miniarm have this correctly positioned 'between' the rim bolts while the Hobby Boss kit has you position this over the top of the rim bolts which is incorrect.

I don't have any info on the actual wheel dimensions but the resin wheels match the kit wheels in size so we can only go with that at this point.

Tyre clean-up as per text
Hubs after removing the casting plugs

You should also note that the wheel tread pattern is handed, meaning that the tread chevron faces downward on each side of the vehicle when looking from the front and having the rims separate means you can easily fit the outer rim on either side of the vehicle to have the tread chevron pattern direction correct.

Assembled wheels showing the excellent tread and hub details
with alternate inner mounting hubs.

Kit wheels for comparison
Comparison of the wheels showing the correct placement of the tyre inflation stem.
Real wheel reference image (left):

These new resin wheels from Miniarm are cleanly cast and with very well done tread pattern and hub details and require minimal clean-up prior to assembly. Fitting to the Hobby Boss kit is quick and easy for an excellent upgrade to the kit wheels.

Rating 9/10

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