KV Cast Turret
(Production 1942)

1/35 #MP RC313-2
Review by Terry Ashley

Eastern ExpressEastern Express
This replacement turret is designed for the Eastern Express KV-1 Mod.1941 Late (kit No.35119) or KV-1 Mod.1942 Early (kit No.35120) and consists of a single turret casting and separate brass 76.2mm barrel.

The quality of the casting is excellent with no blemishes and very fine details included with well done weld seams and very nicely rendered cast effect on the turret sides with the correct smooth steel plate roof.
the detail definition is superb with deep relief inside the four periscopes on the turret roof and on the MG housing on the rear turret wall as well as the correct small 'bumps' under the rear turret overhand, something that is not easily seen but does show the attention to detail on the turret.

The barrel is nicely machined with the subtle lip and is drilled to about 10mm for a good appearance when fitted to the turret. The only minor problem is the opening for the barrel is a little large and the barrel moves about but this can easily be fixed with a bit of filler as you glue the barrel in place.


An interesting point is the turret is actually cast hollow but without any visible openings and this makes it a lot lighter than a solid block of resin. The new turret simply replaces the kit turret without any modifications needed making it a very easy conversion.


This is an excellent replacement turret with featuring very fine details with superb cast effect and weld seam details to add extra details to any KV1 kit.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

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