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British Smoke Emitters
Orange Hobby 1:35 Set # G35-014

Review by Terry Ashley

The set:

Orange Hobby have released this set smoke emitter units separate from the Churchill update set #G35-011 as these were used on most British AFVs of WWII included the Shermans.

Each unit is made up of four etched parts and two brass smoke canisters, these have a large pin that needs to be filed from ends but that is all the cleanup needed.

The parts are designed to be movable after assembly allowing you to open or close the units, which is a nice touch and there are small pins on the etched parts that you have to be careful not to file off during cleanup thinking they are excess burs.

The two unit sections are best soldered for a stronger join using the same method, also there are two small pins on the lower folding section that fit into the upper fixed section and these have to be slipped in place as you assembly the parts as it's not easy fitting these together afterwards.

The two smoke canisters are easily fitted into place on the small inner bracket and there is the top securing bracket that can be raised or lower as required to open or close the units. If you don't want the workable feature it is easy to just assembly the uints in the closed position to make things easier.

Etched and metal parts
Orange Hobby


A very simple update set with two standard British type smoke emitter units that can be assembled workable or fixed in the closed postion for easier assembly depending on your choice.

The set can be used with virtually any British AFV of WWII and will be a welcome set for allied modellers.

Highly recommended.

Part for one smoke unit
Orange Hobby
Assembled smoke emitter unit, open and closed
Orange Hobby
Instruction Sheet
Orange Hobby

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Thanks to Orange Hobby for the review set.

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