Orange Hobby
Armoured Skirt for Pz.IV Ausf.H/J
Orange Hobby 1:35 Set # G35-018-158

Review by Jenny Croft


This set is designed to replace the Schurtzen and support brackets for the Tamiya Panzer IV H (kit 35209) and the Panzer IV J (kit 35181).

The set:

This Orange Hobby set consists of five etch frets and a hundred miniature blind hex head bolts (ones without a thread).

The set should be added at around the same stage as the brackets are added in the Base kit instructions. What makes this set different from other aftermarket schurtzen sets I have seen available is the use of the blind bolts to secure all the brackets to the hull and turret.

The color double sided instruction leaflet takes us through the assembly stage with assembly with well drawn close up detail images which keys to the major assembly diagrams.

We are first called upon to add the mounting plates for the support brackets but I would build the support brackets first and check the position with these before gluing them in place.

So bending the support brackets is a very simple job now as Orange Hobby have included brass templates which mean that you bend the brackets to the correct shape.

Once the support brackets are assembled we can test fit the location and add the mounting plates. I should point out that the holes for the original schurtzen brackets should be filled and allowed to set hard before this is attempted.

A word of warning, parts # A10 TAL and #A11 TAR are the wrong way around on the instructions, when you try to align the armor shurtzen you will see that the holes for the blind bolts does not align.

When the filler has set and the mounting plates are added, with a pin vice and a .3mm drill bit, drill all the holes in the mounting brackets through into the plastic too.

The next stage is to add the blind hex head bolts to the bracket and attach the brackets onto the hull and turret. This makes a very secure fixture for the schurtzen that follows.

The hull horizontal rack requires folding which really requires the use of a hold and fold to fold neatly. This horizontal rack is married to the support brackets now, again the blind hex head bolts are used to secure these making again a very solid structure.

The schurtzen armor for the turret is attached with the blind bolts. The outer doors for the Gunner and Loaders side hatches are complete with workable hinges and locking mechanisms for open and closed positions.

The hull schurtzen is attached with brackets that secure by sliding over the horizontal rack and the fender attached lower brackets, the small front panels secure to the second panels and the fender mounted bracket with the blind bolts.

Etched parts
Orange Hobby
Orange Hobby


Orange Hobby has made this set with a large degree of thought. Plastic has its disadvantage for schurtzen in that it is too thick, most aftermarket of course is made of brass which a more accurate thickness, the big problem is the weight of the brass means that the fit to the hull and turret between brass and plastic has a lot of weight leaving the finished assembly very brittle and subject to damage.

With the brackets securely pinned in place as well as glued Orange Hobby have been able to make the schurtzen structure a lot more rigid as well as the bolt heads adding to the scale appearance greatly

Highly recommended.

Images showing the mounting brackets for the turret schurtzen
Orange Hobby
Orange Hobby

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Thanks to Orange Hobby for the review set.

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