Orange Hobby
2pd QF Barrel
Orange Hobby 1:35 Set # G35-056

Review by Terry Ashley

The set:

This replacement metal barrel from Orange Hobby is for the 2pdr QF gun fitted to a host of early war British AFVs such as the Cruisers; A9, A10, A13, A13 Mk II, Covenanter and Crusader I & II, Matilda IIs, early Valentines and Churchill I & II, as well as the Daimler, AEC Mk I and Coventry Mk I Armoured Cars and Tetrarch Light Tank.

The set consists of the later type 2pdr with the stepped barrel features plus a single 2pdr round and another brass part that forms part of the Littlejohn Adaptor used with specialised ammunition using the squeeze bore principal. The adaptor was mostly used on Armoured Cars fitted with the 2pdr QF nd not usually to gun tanks. No cleanup is required on the barrel before fitting to the target kit.

Metal parts
Orange Hobby

The main feature of the barrel tube is it is actually a tube being fully hollow all the way through from muzzle to breech end but there is no rifling included which is difficult to see in this small size in any case. The hollow tube gives a good impression as there is no hint of the bore ending as can be seen on some metal barrels.

Dimensionally the barrel matches available data nicely in diameter and contours with the length being determined by you as you fit the barrel to the required kit. By that I mean the barrel should only be inserted far enough into the target kit mantlet for the correct length to be exposed.

Barrel muzzle/bore detail
Orange Hobby

The set label indicated the barrel is designed for the Bronco A13 Cruiser kits and the Tamiya Matilda Mk.II (kit #35300) but could be used on any kit armed with the 2pdr QF gun although additional alterations may be required.

Fitting the barrel to any of the Bronco A13 kits is very straightforward as there is no alterations needed, just replace the kit barrel with the Orange Hobby one. The fit of the barrel into the mantlet hole is rather tight but can be worked by twisting until the required position is arrived at.

The Tamiya Matlida is just as easy as again no alterations are required with the metal barrel fitting nicely into the kit mantlet hole for a quick and easy update.

The Orange Hobby 2pdr barrel fitted to the Bronco A13 and Tamiya Matilda II without any problems
Orange HobbyOrange Hobby

Test fitting the barrel to the Italeri Crusader Mk.I (kit #6432) sees some work required as the kit barrel is a little larder in diameter and the metal barrel is a very loose fit in the mantlet as a result. You will need to fill the mantlet hole by gluing the kit barrel in place and when dry cut off the barrel and drill a 7/64th hole for the metal barrel.


A nicely produced barrel with good dimensions and for those wanting to fit the later stepped 2pdr barrel the Bronco A13s or Tamiya Matilda.

No alterations are required to the target kits making for a quick and easy update with only minor mods depending on the kit if fitting to other 2pdr armed vehicles.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Hobbyeasy for the review set.

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