Pak Decals
German Tanks Division Markings,
part 1

1:35th Pak Decal Sheet Pak001
Review by Terry Ashley

Pak Decals a new company from Mexico have released three initial water slide limited edition decal sheets covering German subjects from WWII with the sheets printed in Mexico to a high standard comparable to the better sheets available today.

The first set has 33 different subjects that include Divisional markings such as Gespenster (11th Pz Div), Totenkopf, Hitlerjugend, Frundsberg, Nordland and LSSAH plus markings for Panzer Korps and Panzer Regiments. Also included are a selection of generic turret numbers with the white outline only allowing you to add the inside colour of your choice and a selection of Balkenkreuz.

The quality of the decal printing is superb with excellent colour register and some of the small insignia having three colours with absolutely no colour bleed on my sample plus very thin carrier film cropped close to the printed image that look most impressive. These should adhere well to virtually any surface with the aid of any decal setting solution.

The instruction sheet lists the entire 33 options available on the sheet but there is only one vehicle illustrated and you will have to check your own references for the best application of the other markings but one thing that is not lacking is reference of German Vehicles of WWII so this shouldn't be a major problem for most German Armour fans.

The sheet will be available in the three scales 1:72, 1:48 and 1:35

The subjects included on the sheet are:

1.-Pz Div "Das Reich", 1942-1945, ("Wolfsangel")
2.-Pz Div "Das Reich",Kursk
3.-Pz Div "Totenkopf",1942-1945
4.-Pz Div "Totenkopf",Kursk
5.-Pz Div "Totenkopf",Kursk
6.-Pz Div "Polizei", 1942-1945
7.-Pz Div "Frundsberg",1944
8.-Pz Div "Frundsberg",1944
9.-Pz Div "Frundsberg", 1944
10.-Pz Div "Nordland",1942
11.-Pz Div "Nordland", 1943-1944
12.-Pz Div "Hitlerjugend", 1944
13.-25th PzGren Div
14.-PzAbt 115 15th SS PzGren Div Sicily 1943
15.-Pz Div "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler", France 1944
16.-Waffen SS runes
17.-PzKorps "Grossdeutschland" Insignia, PzGren Div "Brandenburg"
18.-PzKorps "Grossdeutschland" Insignia, PzRgt "Fuhrer Begleit"
19.-PzKorps "Grossdeutschland" Insignia, PzRgt "Fuhrer Grenadier"
20.-PzKorps "Grossdeutschland" Insignia, PzRgt Rusia 1944
21.-11th Pz Div, "Gespenster" (Ghost) division
24.-23rd PzDiv
25.-23rd PzDiv
26.-sPzAbt 507, Tarnopol, Vitebsk and Narev and Czechoslovakia
27.-sPzAbt 508, Anzio-Nettuno
28.-sPzAbt 504, Tunisia, Italy, Vienna
29.-sPzAbt 502, Eastern Front, Northern sector, "Mammut"
30.-2nd ss PzGren Div "Das Reich", 1943, Kursk
31.-sPzAbt 505, 1943, Knight on Charging Horse, Kursk, Smolensk & East Prussia (Marked as #67)
32.-sPzAbt 506, 1944, Aachen, Ardennes (Bastogne), marked as #68
33.-sPzAbt 506, 1943-1944, Dnieper, Krivoi-Rog, Aachen. Ardennes, marked as #69
As well as national markings:
4.-National insignia, Standard 1943-1945, Balkenkreuz
1.-National insignia, Variant 1940-1945, Balkenkreuz.
PAK Decals & Details

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Pak Decals for the review samples.

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