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1:35th Pak Decal Sheet Pak003
Review by Terry Ashley

Pak Decals a new company from Mexico have released three initial water slide limited edition decal sheets covering German subjects from WWII with the sheets printed in Mexico to a high standard comparable to the better sheets available today.

The third set has a large selection Balkenkreuz in many different styles for just about every variation seen on German vehicles during WWII as well as the Finish "Hakaristi" applied to their StuG III Gs plus Hungarian and Rumanian insignia again used on StuG IIIs used by those forces.

The Balkenkreuz range from early war solid white and yellow to the later solid black with white outline with both thick and thin black sections. There is also a large selection of later war white and black outlined Balkenkreuz with many variations included that should cater for just about any application.

The quality of the decal printing is superb with excellent colour register and some of the insignia with two colours had absolutely no colour bleed on my sample plus very thin carrier film cropped close to the printed image that look most impressive. These should adhere well to virtually any surface with the aid of any decal setting solution.

The colour instruction sheet includes a good cross section of vehicles the insignia is applicable with the Finnish, Hungarian and Rumanian shown which is good as these are lesser know compared to the German types.

This sheet could prove an invaluable resource for the German Armor modeller with so many variations provided applicable to any vehicle from early to late war plus the inclusion of the Finish, Hungarian and Rumanian insignia as a nice bonus.

Highly recommended

The sheet will be available in the three scales 1:72, 1:48 and 1:35
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Thanks to Pak Decals for the review samples.

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