Tank Model
NVA Weapons #1
1/35th Accessory Set No. A-7

This set contains six weapons cast in grey resin with only the small casting blocks and some minor resin film to be removed before painting.

Included in the set are three AK-47s, one with the smooth magazine, one with bayonet extended and one the folded bayonet (these are probably the Chinese Type 56 copy) along with one SKS 7.62mm Carbine (also probably the Chinese Type 56 copy), one RPD 7.62mm light machine gun with separate ammo can and tripod and one RPG-2.


A nice set of cleanly cast and well detailed weapons used by the NVA in Vietnam with the AK-47s able to also be used in Middle Eastern diorama or anywhere actually as the AK-47 seems to appear wherever there is conflict these days.


Tank Model
Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

Page created 5 August 2004

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