BTR-60P Road Wheels
Voyager 1:35 Scale Set #PEA278
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
Voyager has also released this set of resin replacement wheels for the Trumpeter Russian BTR-60P APC (Kit #01542) which consist of the eight wheels, eight separate wheel hubs and eight separate rear mounting drums in light grey resin. You should note these wheels are different from those used on the BTR-60PB Trumpeter kit #01544 so be careful to use on the appropriate kit.

The first thing that becomes apparent is this Voyager wheel set is all but identical to the recent BTR-60P wheel set from miniarm (set #B35061) in both part breakdown and details included on the wheels and hubs although the crispness on the Voyager rim detail is less than on the minarm wheels, also the Voyager wheels are slightly thinner and smaller in diameter than the miniarm wheels making them also a little under sized as far as accuracy goes. You also need to make the same alterations to fit to the Trumpeter kit as with the miniarm set and I will provide additional comparison images below for people to make their own conclusions regarding the two sets. It should also be noted that the miniarm set was released some 4 months prior (maybe more?) to the Voyager set. As a consequence of the all but identical nature of the two sets the review below is also basically the same as for the miniarm wheel set with some additional comments as required.

The quality of the resin casting is very good with just a small casting plug on each wheel and small casting residue on the backs of the hubs and drums, this will need a little care in removing to ensure the backs of the hubs and drums are level. There is the odd blemish on the rim edges on some wheels which mars the appearance a little, the tyres are cast perfectly round and the small casting scar can be positioned at ground contact leaving the excellent tread pattern unhindered.

Resin parts

The wheel rims have excellent bolt head details on both sides and the separate hubs and drums allows you to glue these on opposite sides of the wheels to get the correct orientation of the tread pattern for the left and right side wheels, the wheel hubs also have well done details but don't have the fine tyre inflation piping. The tyre sidewalls have excellent details with fine ribbing around the inside walls and additional tyre data embossing for an greatly enhanced appearance over the plain kit wheels.

Fitting the wheels to the kit will require a little work as the rear drums only have a small pilot hole and you will need to drill a larger 3mm hole to a depth of 5mm for the kit axle stub, take special care not to drill any deeper so you don't come though the outside wheel hub by accident.

Images of the wheels with separate hubs and drums and the left and right handed wheels allowing the correct tread direction either side.
Rear view of the wheel needing a 3mm hole drilled 5mm deep for the kit axle stubs.
Additional comparison images with the miniarm BTR-60P wheel set B35061 to allow people to draw their
own conclusions regarding the detail and part breakdown of the two sets.
Part breakdown
View of assembled wheels, the detail is not quite as crisp on the Voyager rims and hubs.
Width comparison with the Voyager wheels noticeably thinner and slightly smaller in diameter
The same detail and casting marks on the side of the separate wheel hubs
Putting aside the similarity issues as above this is an excellent set of replacement resin wheels from Voyager for the Trumpeter BTR-60P APC (Kit #01542) with mostly good clean details, although there is some minor blemishes around some wheel rims but include the additional fine ribbing on the sidewalls and additional embossed data. The separate hubs and drums allows you to have the tread pattern orientated correctly on both left and right sides and the rims have the bolt head detail on both sides for additional detail.

There is some minor drilling to fit the wheels but for those who prefer resin wheels over the kit vinyl wheels this set offers an excellent increase in detail to add to the final appearance of the kit.

Rating 8/10

Thanks to my credit card and Lucky Model for the review Set.

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