Bronco Models
DAK "Topolino" (German/Italian Light) Staff Car
w/Crew & IFS Infantry Cart

Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. CB35156
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Note: A brief comparison with the Tamiya Simca 5 (kit #35231) will be included here as they are
basically the same, the Simca 5 being a licenced version of the Fiat 500 produced in France.
There are some differences but many of the major components are the same for both.
The Bronco parts are in beige plastic and the Tamiya parts in grey plastic.

Interior details,
the Bronco kit includes separate brake and clutch pedals for good detail definition but not the accelerator,
it also has the gear shift level but not the hand brake. The Bronco kit also does not include the rear view mirror inside the cab.
the Tamiya kit includes moulded on brake and clutch pedals that lack detail definition but not the accelerator,
it also has the gear shift level and the hand brake included. The Tamiya kit does include the rear view mirror inside the cab.
The seats in the Bronco kit are nicely rendered and represent the plush seats while the more basic Tamiya seats
are those often used with the open topped version.
Bronco Models
Bronco Models
Images of the actual seats.
Bronco Models
Photo: Patrice Debucquoy
The front engine compartment fitted to the Bronco chassis and floor, note the additional small radiator
bulkhead also added after the compartment was attached
Bronco Models
Respective instrument panels, the Bronco panel has small decals for the two main dials.
Bronco Models
The basic body sheels of both kits, the fenders on the Tamiya kit are included with the lower floor pan.
Bronco Models
With the bodies fitted to the floor without the engine compartment hood shows the Bronco engine.
Bronco Models
Views of the Bronco body fitted without the wheels attached, note the right side fender/engine compartment wall fit is good
but the left side join has a sizable gap due to the left fender being slightly flexed outward and will need to be "coaxed" back into
alignment to mate with the side wall if the compartment cover is shown in the open position.

Bronco Models
The Tamiya body fit had no such issues as the engine compartment cover simply glued to the front of the body
to cover the empty engine bay due to there being no engine included.

Bronco Models
The rear spare tyres, the Bronco kit has a full spare tyre while the Tamiya kit only a partial tyre inserted from inside the body,
the final appearance is much the same but the Bronco kit gives you chance to not include the spare in a diorama setting.

Bronco ModelsBronco Models
An option in the Bronco kit allows for a second spare tyre to be included as was often the case with military 'Topolinos'.
Bronco Models

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