Adlers Nest
German WWII 2m & 1.4m antenna
Adlers Nest 1:35 Set #ANM-35008/9

1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
Adles Nest continue to release unusual subjects in high quality brass with these two sets giving you the typical German WWII vehicle 2m antenna (set #ANM-35008) and shorter 1.4m antenna (set #ANM-35009)

Both sets have three antenna in machined brass packaged in a plastic tube for protection and they do need this as it is very easy to bend or damage these if not careful with handling.

The antenna are superbly done with the small base and tapered antenna that are fine enough to not look over scale when fitted to any applicable vehicle with no cleanup required before use.

Looking at the lengths of the two antennas the 2m = 57.1mm in 1:35 and the brass antenna is well within acceptable limits being only a fraction of a millimetre shorter when measuring by eye. The 1.4 antenna = 40mm in 1:35 and again is only a fraction of millimetre shorter and when taking those small differences into account is really all but spot on.

Fitting the antenna to any kit may require a small hole drilled depending on the kit and test fitting the 2m antenna to the new Dragon Panther G was simple as there was already a hole in the base for the separate kit antenna and it would be best to add the antenna after all building and painting has been done to limit the possibilities of damaging the thin antenna.

Adlers Nest

Another excellent update set from Adlers Nest that solves the age old question of what to use for vehicle antenna with the taper on the antenna making for a very good scale appearance.

Highly recommended 8/10.

As there are now three sets of brass German 2m AFV antenna available from Adlers Nest (this set), armorscale (Set #S35-005) and Lionmarc (set #LM6008) we will have a quick look to see how they shape up compared to each other.

Basically all are dimensionally accurate in length with the minor differences being fractions of a millimetre and would be very difficult to spot the differences in length even if using the different antenna on models in the same diorama.

The main difference is the Adlers Nest and Lionmarc antenna have a small base on the antenna while the armorscale antenna does not just having the small locating pin, this again is not that noticeable when the antenna are fitted to the kit.

The armorscale antenna is also fractionally thicker at the base that the other two but again we are talking minute differences here and for all intense and purposes either of the antenna will look good when fitted to any kit and basically availability and price would be the major deciding factors when choosing a set.

Comparison of the three available brass 2m AFV antenna
The differences in length look more than they actually are due to the magnified images

The three antenna fitted to the Dragon Panther G with any differences being so minor as to be hardly noticeable
apart from the armorscale antenna not having the small base as with the other two.

Adlers NestarmorscaleLionmarc

Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service fromRainbow Tenfor the review set.

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