Orange Hobby
Fenders for Pz.IV Ausf.H/J
Orange Hobby 1:35 Set # G35-019-58

Review by Jenny Croft


This set is designed to replace the fenders for the Tamiya Panzer IV H (kit #35209) and the Tamiya Panzer IV J (kit #35181). Also included are new front and back mudguards and engine air intake louvers.

The set:

The Orange Hobby set consists of three photo etched frets, a length of steel wire for hinge pins, four tiny springs and six miniature hex head, blind bolts (no thread).

The instructions are on a small double sided color leaflet and are very well done with clear close ups of all areas of detail.

Construction starts with building the frame for the fender, the length of the bends will require a tool like the hold and fold to bend nice clean bends. Do not forget to fold the eyelets which form half of the hinge for the engine louvers, then some braces are added to the underside of the framework. As a point of interest the mounting point for the Orange Hobby Schurtzen set #G35-018-158 for the fender mounted brackets is marked on the inside of the framework so they will be mounted in the correct position.

Once the frame is constructed the non slip plates can be added, please keep test fitting against the hull during assembly but I would not attach the fenders yet.

Next I would add the front and rear guards, I always suggest at this stage to work out how you want them positioned and glue them into that position, although the guards can be made to work with working hinges and springs, in reality it is more likely attempting to do so will end up feeding the carpet monster with some delicate parts!

Adding the engine air intake louvers is next, again they are hinged and can be mounted open or closed. Because of the delicate nature of the hinges it is at this stage where I would marry all up to the hull assembly.

Etched parts
Orange Hobby
Orange Hobby


The Orange Hobby fender set will add great realism to the overall appearance of your Panzer IV, with construction mirroring the real fenders & scale thickness to all parts; some realistic battle damage will be able to be depicted.

Highly recommended.

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Thanks to Orange Hobby for the review set.

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