Faun SLT-56
Tank Transporter

Kit Construction

by Terry Ashley

Trailer Assembly:
Step 1 to 5: Trailer undersides and suspension assembly:
This was very straight forward with the fit of that major parts being good with only the normal cleanup of mould seams required before assembly.
The axle halves require the filling of the join seams and I also made the steering on the last four axles workable using the same method as with the front axles on the tractor.
This was easily done by attaching the steering rods (parts I8, I9) to the support arms (parts I35) with sprue pins as described in the Step 8.
The two steering rods (parts I8, I9) were then glued together with a small connecting piece of card instead of being attached to the central steering mechanism (part I29).
The support arms (parts I35) were glued to the top of the wheel attachments (parts I34) which are of course are not glued to the axles or securing pin (parts I12) to allow them to move, I also left the wheels off until later for ease of handling.
The two front axles have metal rods inserted through the middle of the axles and again only the join seams need cleaning up.


The only thing to watch during this assembly is to get the spring units (parts I25, I44) lined up evenly when attaching to the lower trailer as this will effect the alignment of the axles and wheels when these are attached. Allow the spring units to dry completely before attaching the axles and take care to install the shock absorbers (parts I33) between the axles and trailer bed as you attach the axles as it is difficult to add these later, the instructions do show this. I used a ruler to help align the axles as with the tractor axles to ensure they will all sit evenly on the floor when the wheels are attached.

There were a few pin marks to be removed from the rear mud flaps (parts H23,H24) but this was easily done and it may be advisable to leave off the side reflectors (clear parts G2) as these are easily broken off when handling the trailer during the rest of the assemblies as I found out the hard way.


Tractor Assembly: Steps 1 to 24.
Step 1 to 5: Cab Assembly.
Step 6 to 10: Chassis and Suspension.
Step 11 to 13: Fuel Tank, Spare Tire and Chassis details.
Step 14 to 19: Rear Tractor Assembly (1).
Step 20 to 22: Rear Tractor Assembly (2).
Step 23 to 24: Adding hoses and piping.

Trailer Assembly: Steps 1 to 14.
Step 1 to 5: Deck underside and Suspension.
Step 6 to 7: Gooseneck Assembly.
Step 8 to 10: Final Deck Assembly.
Step 11 to 13: Ramp Assembly.
Step 14: Attaching Trailer to Tractor.

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